Monday, March 14, 2011

A Prequel

The Random Walker takes its name from "A Random Walk on Wall Street" and features a semi-stream of conscious on investing and my investments.  This is a way to keep on top of my investments as well as a way for my wife to see what we own and why we own it.  "Diffusion Monte Carlo" is a numerical methodology for solving complicated physics problems using statistical methods.  Many of these methods include what is known as "Random Walkers".  Unfortunately and somewhat amusingly, all variations of "arandomwalk", "therandomwalk","randomwalker", etc., were all taken, mostly by people who haven't posted since 2003.

Highly influenced by "A Random Walk on Wall Street" , I'd like to think of myself as a value investor, although I have a small portion devoted to "Castles in the Sky" (very small).  As a value investor student, I find the Motley Fool to be one of my favorite resources, and I also read Forbes, The Street, Seeking Alpha, etc.  Although I don't buy into the Motley Fool official recommendations (Hidden Gems, Game Changers, etc.), I do find their subjective articles comparing company with company and giving information like cash to debt ratio, and other things that may appeal to me personally, highly helpful.

The first so many posts will be each individual stock that I own and why it was purchased starting with the largest percentage of the portfolio to the smallest.  From there, we'll play it by ear.

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